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How We Get People Into Beautiful Homes when Others Say “It Can’t Be Done…”

They say: “You’ll just have to keep on renting until you can fix your credit.”

We say: “We can put you in a house right now–even if you have credit problems–so you can live in the home while you fix your credit.”

They say: “You need a big down payment, or there’s no way we can get you a loan.”

We say: “We can work with you even if you have only a small amount to put down.” In fact, if you have decent credit, you can get into a home with only $1,000 down! If you have less-than-decent credit, you can still get into a beautiful home with a much smaller amount than “they” tell you is necessary.


They say: “Beggars can’t be choosers…all we can get for you is a dumpy, run-down fixer-upper in your situation.”

We say: “Would you like two bedrooms, or three? We usually have a range of regular, clean, well-maintained homes to choose from.”

They say: “Be patient! Getting financing and buying a home is a very long process, so you just have to wait your turn.”

We say: “We can probably move you in next week…How does that sound?”

They say: “Come with a pre-approval from a mortgage lender, and then we’ll talk.”

We say: “Forget the pre-approval…even forget the mortgage lender! We have the homes AND the creative financing to put you into one.”

They say: “You better be sure you want to buy the house, because once you’re in, it’ll be years before it’s appreciated enough to sell it to someone else.”

We say: “How does ’rent to own’ sound? We can put you into a great home on a rental basis, so someone else takes the risk of property appreciation while you enjoy the home, AND fix your credit.”

They say: “Get your magnifying glass out, because we got a ton of paperwork and fine print for you to wade through. It’s just the way it is.”

We say: “We hate paperwork as much as you do, so we’ve streamlined it to the bare minimum. Better yet, we handle the paperwork during our conversations together, so you don’t have to.”

If you’re tired of getting the runaround from other people, then contact us now.
We’ll be happy to work with you to make your dream of home ownership a reality…soon!


We are local investors who are committed to providing homes to everyone who desires to become home owners.We do maintain multiple state real estate licenses to better serve you. We are not real estate agents!


Address: P.O. Box 3003
Evans, GA 30809

Phone: 706-945-1988

Fax: 706-550-0128

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